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Real Estate Agents Read This!

A special open letter to all Real Estate Agents.

Never before has a tool like PixMaker Pro allowed  property owners to show- case. Discerning buyers are able to visualize a property having a very good idea what they will be going to see.

The same applies to holiday resorts, accommodation,
tourist destinations.
function rooms,


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PixMaker in Australia.
The principle company, Denheld Industrial Design ( DiD) was formed to provide concept design and prototype modeling to assist the automotive design product industries.

While DiD provided a diverse range of services for product design, DiD has seen the evolution of the PC computer and designed / built one of the first plastic bodied electronic (LED) wrist watches and pocket calculators, the first to be made in Australia (circa 1971) by Keon Electronics.

Some time later company Digital Image Display ( DiD ) was created to cater for digital image technologies such as retail point of sale material.  

The software is now only used for stitching together wide shot professional panoramas using dedicated digital cameras.

For a free trial go to Support then Download.

You can contact Bill Denheld email - bill at pixmaker dot com dot au


PixMaker Pro

Developer Edition
For Microsoft Windows-
download PixMaker Pro for free trial then buy user KEY for only
AUD $10

       For personal help with this product additional hourly rates apply.

           On receipt of payment software Key will be emailed to you.