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Real Estate Agents Read This!

A special open letter to all Real Estate Agents.

Never before has a tool like PixMaker Pro allowed  property owners to show- case. Discerning buyers are able to visualize a property having a very good idea what they will be going to see.

The same applies to holiday resorts, accommodation,
tourist destinations.
function rooms,

An excellent product that will change the way we shop around.


Please Note; this webpage is unchanged since 2005 and therefore is no longer perfectly functional to view the VT panoramas.


Following are links 
360 PixMaker panorama Showcases

These sites are just a few examples how others have used PixMaker. Some websites may not be working as we do not control third parties. 

Real Estate example
The,au   Example of Real Estate webpage with a link to a virtual tour. You will need to click on the Virtual Tour button to open the panorama.

Mark Gunther First National real estate virtual tour

House Boats
House Boat promotions ' Jessicaleigh''

Function Centers  Accommodation/ Wineries 
This web page illustrates the exciting possibilities of viewing the property.

Historic places From Outlaw to Ironicon. This Ned Kelly research website explores the 1878 Haunts of the Kelly Gang deep in the Wombat Ranges in North East Victoria. PixMaker panoramas take you to those remote sites that only a handful of people have been privy to. See panorama links

Fantasy wilderness Welcome to Edenland!
Explore this fascinating virtual world of surreal deserts, rippling lakes and haunting music. A great new way to use PixMaker Solutions!
Enter main site of Edenland


PixMaker Pro

Developer Edition
For Microsoft Windows-
download PixMaker Pro for free trial then buy user KEY for only
AUD $10

  For personal help with this product additional hourly rates apply.

    On receipt of payment software Key will be emailed to you.