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allows you perfect stitching of overlapping images with just a few clicks no fuss no  bother.




We are still here 2021
There is continued demand for photo stitching using dedicated digital cameras, in fact, PixMaker-Pro photo stitching processing is still an excellent choice for all those holiday panoramas just waiting to be stitched up. While mobile phones can do all these things most professional photographers still prefer photo editing on PCs.

This image of a Boab tree in West Australia was made up of six separate vertical  images.

Interactive 360 degree
virtual tour software was originally created by Singapore University of Technology and Design. The software was marketed by Bundlink Pte Ltd under brand names PixMaker and PixAround in the UK. It was
a leading edge product due to its simplicity and ease of use, i.e., " Snap - Stitch - Publish" allowed you to create virtual tour panoramas for upload to a webpage in a jiffy. "

PixMaker made huge impact on real estate WebPages that ran Virtual Tours, a revolution at the time. Today this software is no longer supported due to licensing agreements. The stitching 'software patents' were taken up by mobile phone companies
who adapted the unique photo stitching now common on most mobile phone cameras, but are often not quite satisfying for larger viewing or printing.

We are still here?  So why don't you download and try a stitching exercise and see the result in the preview window.  then once you're satisfied purchase software key so you can save each of your stunning projects.
The software key and instruction sheet will be sent to you by email.

PixMaker Pro

Developer Edition
Note; This product shown is only available as a download.
For Microsoft Windows-
download PixMaker Pro for free trial then buy user KEY for only
AUD $10



       On receipt of payment software Key will be emailed to you.