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Maker-Pro allows you perfect stitching of overlapping images with a few clicks- no fuss no  bother.


How it works,
A series of pictures are taken with an ordinary digital camera. Its best to take them on a tripod rotating left to right and overlapping each image by about 20%. You take the views you want around 90-180 or 360 degrees depending how wide you want to pan around. This Pixmaker software will stitch all these snaps together seamlessly to form one  image.

The images are selected in order 'dragged and dropped into the works window and the 'Stitch' button No2 is clicked to reveal the finished image below.

This is a 'Flat image through a 120 degree arc, or you could go right around 360 degrees.
Once the images are stitched as seen in a preview above, and if there is a misalignment another option is to manually align one image at a time - through the Edit button. Once you are happy with the preview the total image is published and saved to your designated file. The software corrects misalignments in overlap. 

System requirements;
All Windows platform. 98, 2000, Millennium, XP, Vista. Windows7 to 10  

PixMaker Pro

Developer Edition
For Microsoft Windows-
download PixMaker Pro for free trial then buy user KEY for only
AUD $10


           On receipt of payment software Key will be emailed to you.