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Real Estate Agents Read This!

A special open letter to all Real Estate Agents.

Never before has a tool like PixMaker Pro allowed  property owners to show- case. Discerning buyers are able to visualize a property having a very good idea what they will be going to see.

The same applies to holiday resorts, accommodation,
tourist destinations.
function rooms,

An excellent product that will change the way we shop around.


House;   inside  mezzanine  viewtwo  view  poolside  driveside  redcar  roadside

   if you can't see a panorama running you may need to download Java, see link below

How it works. 
This page sets out to explain the workings. A series of pictures are taken with an ordinary digital camera. It is essential to take these on a tripod taking a 360 degree pan around. Pixmaker software can stitch all these snaps together to form one seamless image.





Once the images are stitched, the total image is saved during the publish function. The software corrects misalignments in overlap and joins the two ends together too. A typical cylindrical Pixmaker panorama is run as if with your eye in the center, and the images are computer engineered to give spherical eye distortion that we all see in real life. (but never notice as we move our head from side to side) You can also run the panorama as a flat image like a movie camera pans from left to right, and run around an object to view it from all sides.

Scenes can be changed indicated by 'hotspots' that allow you to see a new perspective of the same area. These are selected during the publish/ hotspot function. Hotspots can be turned off.

The panorama making process involves snapping the images, sorting, stitching and then prepared for publishing. The software is easy to use like no other, however unless you have the time, we suggest you leave the whole process up to us. With us, you don't need to buy the software as we can supply the finished panorama and run it from our server at no cost to you. See examples.

Naturally if you want to do it all yourself, then buy the software. We are here to help and support. Please feel free to contact us to discuss all your needs.

What's involved ?  On receipt of service payment and your software is installed you can start creating and publishing panoramas. The service prices vary according to your needs and charged on an hourly basis.

System requirements;
Windows® platform. 98, 2000, Millennium, XP, Vista. Windows7.   PixMaker WebPages can be viewed using Netscape Communicator 4.0 & above, or Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 4.0 & above. For Mac, you need Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1 installed.

If PixMaker runs on some systems but not others, they need to download and install the Java plug-in provided by Sun Corp at This is because with newer XP Pro, Microsoft stopped providing this plug-in due to licensing issues with Sun Corp. Most modern computers meet all these requirements. No special software is required to view PixMaker panoramas.

PixMaker Pro

Developer Edition
For Microsoft Windows-
download PixMaker Pro for free trial then buy user KEY for only
AUD $10

  For personal help with this product additional hourly rates apply.

       On receipt of payment software Key will be emailed to you.